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Welcome to the Care International - Conflict Community of Practice homepage.

The Conflict Community of Practice (CCP) was created in March 2010 as a network of CARE practitioners committed to sharing information and best practice as well as innovating and learning together. With currently 80+ members from 25+ different countries, the CCP is at the very beginning of its development and has plans to grow into the leading space for discussion and expertise on CARE's work in and on conflict.

Please feel free to download information from the publically viewable pages. In order to join the community of practice, and access discussion forums and the library please register and sign in. Please add your CARE email address to ensure you are approved. A guide to the conflict wiki is available on this page as a both a powerpoint and as a video in English.

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Notice Board

Date Posted
New Report: Islam and Conflict Transformation, University of Manchester Conference Report January 2013. Available in Peacebuilding section or from HCRI website
New Resources Step by Step process for designing peacebuilding proposals in a participatory fashion, including a focus on conflict sensitivity. In our Proposals and conflict sensitivity sections.
New Study: Lessons learned from a 3.5 year project working with women grass roots activists from 20 communities accross the South Caucusus region. Policy briefing paper. CARE Internatioanl in the South Caucusus. On Gender in Peacebuilding Page.
New Resources:A Back to Basics on DME in fragile states produced by Search for Common Ground within the Conflict Crime and Violence Reporting Initiative (CCVRI). Available in our M&E section.
New Study: The Institute of Quiet Diplomacy has produced two reports advising interested parties on how to enhance the implementation on UN SCRes 1325 in Burundi and South Sudan. Available on our Gender page.
New Resources on gender in post2015 discussion - links to the GADN briefing, the UNIFEM briefing paper and notes on the December 2012 High Level Meeting on New Deal. All on our New Deal/Post MDGs page here.

Contact List of Members

Contact List of CCP Members and their different knowledge and experiences.