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Strengthening Women’s Capacity for Peacebuilding in the South Caucusus Region
Lessons learned from a 3.5 year project working with women grass roots activists from 20 communities accross the South Caucusus region. Policy briefing paper.
Report on Operationalising SCRes 1325 in South Sudan and Burundi
Institute of Quiet Diplomacy
The Institute of Quiet Diplomacy has produced two reports advising interested parties on how to enhance the implementation on UN SCRes 1325 in Burundi and South Sudan. CARE Burundi supported the research in their country. An element of great value is how the reports focus on actions within specific areas, including female legislators in government, CSOs and 1325 in relation to land conflict and land dispute mechanisms. Other areas include Security and Justice sector reform, Agricultural development, and budgetary support to the Ministry of Gender. These reports are great starting points for considering concrete actions for the mainstreaming of 1325 and gender equality issues in a wide range of conflict, peace and security areas. The reports are available on the wiki here.
Burundi IQD Report
South Sudan IQD Report
Conflict Analysis and Gender analysis - briefing from WomanKind on UK Gov.t joint analysis framework.
This briefing paper shows why gender analysis and attention to women’s rights is vital in all conflict analysis, early warning systems and upstream prevention, both to protect and promote women’s rights, and to improve the overall analysis of, and response to, conflict. It aims to inform the debate at the HMG / BOND Conflict Policy Group workshop of 28th March 2012, and to provide practical suggestions for the inclusion of gender in the JACS guidelines.
Womankind briefing on gender for JACS workshop March 2012.pdf
From Resolution to Reality: 1325 review CARE
Review of 1325 work in Afghanistan, Uganda and Nepal to mark the 10 year anniversary of the passing of UN resolution 1325.
Understanding Gender and Electoral Violence
Gabrielle Bardall/PAW
December 2011 report by IFES presenting a new concept of gendered electoral violence with a new framework taking into account all forms of private and public violence against women.
Women's Meaningful Participation in Peacebuilding and Governance: CARE Nepal
Report on UN resolution 1325 work in Nepal - contents of this report, plus those from two other countries fed into the CARE paper on 1325 above.
CARE Report Nepal - Final -forbrussels[1].pdf
Men and Boys - overcoming violence, exploring masculinities, gender equality, peacebuilding, Training Video and Report.
Training Video and Report from IFOR (the international fellowship of Reconciliation) and their Women Peacemakers Program - WPP. As a response to women’s voices in the field, the WPP initiated a pilot Training of Trainers (ToT) cycle, entitled “Overcoming Violence – Exploring Masculinities, Violence and Peacebuilding” for 19 male peace activists from 17 different countries, taking place in 2009/2010.
The WPP online VIDEO of the ToT - .Scroll down website link page and click arrow to start video.
Direct link to the TOT TRAINING REPORT of the first training sessions
Masculinity and Violence
Exploring dimensions of Masculinity and Violence is an 80 page report focused on work in the NW Balkans from 2007.
masculinity and violence - western balkans research.pdf
Engagement of Men and Boys for Gender Equality
Two page summary of Burundi programme, where groups of men known as
Abatangamuco, collaborative to bring about change in their communities in aid of equality.
abatangamucho 2 pages.pdf
Gender Dimensions of Economic Collapse Checkpoint and Barriers: Searching for Livelihoods in the West Bank and Gaza.Feb 2010. WorldBank:
This report is the outcome of a two-year collaborative research effort of the World Bank, CARE International, West Bank and Gaza, and the Women’s Studies Institute (WSI) at Birzeit University.
Download here
Make Room for Peace - a guide to women's participation in Peace Processes
Kivinna till Kivinna
24 page guide summarising two decades of experience of the swedish NGO Kivinna till Kivinna. The guide has four chapters - including Creating an Enabling Environment, and Making it Happen in Peace Negotiations.
Make Room for Peace.pdf
Women and Conflict, an Introductory Guide for Programming (USAID, 2007)
This Guide describes how conflict affects women differently from men, identifies lessons learned and suggests programming approaches that address these issues while building on the strengths of women. The Guide is useful for those seeking to understand the differential impact of conflict upon women and specifically for those working on policy and programmatic responses to conflict
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