Busan Engagement

How can CARE and the CCP Enagage in the Busan Aid Effectiveness Debate?

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Options for advocacy and other forms of engagement include:
  • Sharing briefings and other relevant materials with NGOs and CSOs through joint platforms, like NGO networks
  • Convening discussions between peacebuilding, development and local civil society groups across conflict divides to break down siloes between different perspectives on how the ‘New Deal’ should take shape in the country
  • Develop a position paper at national level drawing on consultations with NGOs and CSOs, and on the past experience of ‘New Deal’ predecessors described above
  • Develop an analysis of potential sensitive issues and ‘blind spots’/gaps in Government and international priorities for the ‘New Deal’
  • Implement a multi-stakeholder conflict and/or peacebuilding needs analysis – involving NGOs and civil society – to be proactive in putting forward recommendations on content for the country-specific ‘New Deal’
  • Seek to engage with relevant national and international actors to promote a consensus-building and partnership / non-adversarial approach to engagement by civil society in the process

Additional Reading

Independent CARE International Advocacy
There is some work that CARE can do on its own.
  • CI 2008 Position Paper on Conflict and Fragile States for the Accra High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness. CI developed this position paper in 2008 for the last high level forum. If we could update it, it would represent a significant help in clearly advocacting our own views before during and after the forum.

Information on the International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding

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