The Conflict Community of Practice is a global network of CARE staff working in conflict affected or fragile states, or working on conflict issues. These include peacebuilding programming, or adjusting developement programming so that it is sensitive to the conflict dyanamics in the context wehre it is being delivered and does not lead to greater tension and harm.

The goal of the CCP is to help increase the, quality, diversity, learning and scale of conflict programming in CARE.

It has three objectives:
  1. To capture, document and share knowledge and experiences in conflict, including highlighting innovation, so providing mutual support and resources to staff.
  2. To act as a group so that knowledge can be translated through discussion and learning into improved policy, practice and guidelines
  3. To engage in CI advocacy initiatives to share the experience, knowledge and perspectives of CCP members.

The CCP is coordinated by CARE UK which has a strategic focus on Conflict and Peacebuilding on behalf of CARE International. The CCP coordinator is Paul-Andre Wilton,

Under objective 1, documents are share on this wiki, and discussions take place on the message boards. A monthly email summarising the lastest additions and updating members on the discussions goes out in the first week of every month. The CCP also convenes for an annual workshop, where members engage in training, discussions and determine priorities for the coming year.
Under objective 2, the CCP is forming working groups, open to any member to join. Current groups are focused on Conflict Sensitivity, Peacebuilding Principles and Practice, and Advocacy (Aid effectiveness in conflict states). This last group also acts to fulfil objective 3.

CCP Blurb 2011:

CCP Review 2012: